in-home services

Step 1: Complete the Application

Submit your information securely using the online application. Include all requested documentation.

Step 2: Admissions

Once your coverage has been verified, you will be contacted to review treatment options and cost of services.  You will be provided with an Intake Packet.

Step 3: Assessment

The assessment will be scheduled after the Authorization for Initial Assessment has been approved by your insurance company.  The assessment will be conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Step 4: Discuss & Review Plan

Your BCBA will collaborate with you on the development of your child's Treatment Plan and therapy schedule.

Step 5: Start Services

You will be contacted to set the start date for services. You will also be provided a Welcome Packet that must be completed prior to beginning therapy. The Welcome Packet contains information regarding your and your child's rights.

We Are Currently In-Network with:

Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield

Apply Online for In-home Services

If you are seeking in-home services for your child, please complete the online application.

school-based services

Step 1: Complete the Application

Submit your information securely using the online application.

Step 2: Meeting with School

This initial meeting may be face-to-face or via Skype.  The purpose of this meeting is to obtain more specific details/answer any questions that may arise as a result of the information on the Online Application.  The school will be provided with tentative schedule for the initial classroom observations.

Step 3: Observation & Data Collection

Classroom observations begin.  During the observation period no suggestions or remediation will be offered because effective interventions depend on consistent data collected across time.

Step 4: Assessment

The school will be provided with a brief report suggesting the possible environmental variable(s) that may be maintaining problematic behavior or that are impeding acquisition of desired appropriate behavior.  Following the review of the report the assessment process will begin.

Step 5: Intervention

The formal intervention phase will be limited to a certain time period each day and thereafter the student follows regular classroom procedures for the rest of the day.

Step 6: Training and Post-Intervention

Training consists of explanation, demonstration, modeling and feedback until teacher and/or paraprofessional(s) are able to implement the intervention.

When data indicate the intervention is successful and the teacher/paraprofessional have been trained to implement the program, a final meeting will be scheduled to review formal results and effects of the intervention.

Thereafter, Innovative Behavior Analysis Support Systems, LLC will be available to the classroom teacher on a consulting basis should the need arise.

Apply Online for School-Based Services

Innovative Behavior Analysis Support Systems, LLC, is not accepting any school clients at this time.  This includes individual schools and school districts.